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This 100% Herbal Formula is a SAFE Natural Alternative to Viagra. Within 10 - 45 minutes of consumption you'll achieve a HARDER ERECTION. These pills continue to work in your body; leveraging all systems to full throttle; boosting your sex drive and giving you fuller erections up to 4 days.

It doesn?t require daily consumption; it has no adverse side affects.

DURAZEST's stimulates the body by adjusting the functions of the hypothalamus
(part of the brain that controls hormone release from the pituitary gland); the
hypophysis (the pituitary gland) and the sexual gland. DURAZEST works by boosting
testosterone and increasing blood circulation; without changing systemic blood pressure.
Blood fills the cavernous body and spongy tissue of the penis creating a firm erection.
So whether you simply want to make a special night more enjoyable; or suffer from weak
erections; low libido; premature ejaculation or other erectile dysfunctions;
DURAZEST guarantees a full member participation that will keep you coming back for more!

Staff Suggestion: Try any erection or stamina pill; penis pump system or enlargement device with a vibrating cock ring.

The harder your penis is; the more sensation that can be felt up the shaft; which is both fun for you and impresses the ladies (or gentlemen)! Warning: Do Not use if you have a heart condition. We recommend you consult with a doctor before taking any pill.

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