Fleshlight Vibro Review

Posted by Fleshlight Vibro Owner on 8/17/2010 to Male Sex Toys
Fleshlight VibroFleshlight is an iconic name in the world of sex toys. So any new sex toy from Fleshlight is always going to be interesting.

The Fleshlight vibro brings together the developments that have been made to the original Fleshlight since its launch; The refined case design, the improved inserts and now three vibrating bullets to add to the experience.

The Fleshlight Vibro comes in a tin, you can see me unpacking the contents in my Fleshlight Vibro video. Along with the Fleshlight itself you get three separate bullets vibrators that can be used in any combination, and some spare batteries to replace those already fitted to the bullets when they run out.

If you’re unfamiliar with Fleshlights I’ll explain how they work. All Fleshlights consist of a three part hard plastic case and a soft insert. The case is a main body section to hold the insert and two caps, one to protect the opening and a smaller one to control the suction provided in use. The insert itself is constructed from Superskin, a soft plastic designed to mimic the touch of human skin. The one provided with the Fleshlight Vibro I tested was a Cyclone Pink Lady. Translated from Fleshlight speak it’s pink, shaped externally like a vagina and with a helical ribbing inside that grips your penis as you use the masturbator.

Because of the vibrating function the Fleshlight vibro takes a little more setup than other Fleshlights. I first washed the insert then left it to drain and air-dry in the bath. The best way to ensure a Fleshlight drains is to use the hard case to stand upright with the insert just resting in the top but not fully inside. While it was drying I removed the insulator disks from the bullets.

When the Fleshlight was dry I got everything together at the side of the bed, inserting the bullets into the three pockets in the insert and loaded up some porn. Suze amused herself while I did the same, propped up against the bedhead.

With a hard cock in hand I was ready for the vibro experience.

I turned on the bullets, which is a bit of an art because the insert is so soft and pliable. Then I slid the insert inside the case applied lube to it and my penis.

I slid into the Fleshlight at the first attempt. Some masturbators are not so easy to enter because they rely on a tight opening and channel to provide sensation. The Fleshlight Cyclone insert is much cleverer than that. Although not ultra-tight it generates fantastic stimulation as ridge after ridge rolls over your cock as you thrust in and out. It gets tighter the deeper you thrust too.

Suze got a question on Facebook today about the Fleshlight Vibro Cyclone asking if it was like a real woman. Well no it isn’t, it’s not supposed to be. The experience from all Fleshlights is inspired by the female anatomy but it’s optimised for male pleasure. Each insert is different and ingenious in its design and meant to deliver a great masturbatory experience, not pretend to be a living, breathing woman.

So how did I find the Fleshlight. Tight and yet easy to enter and use. Stimulating and very easy to enjoy. The vibrating element of the Fleshlight Vibro is a new dimension that was previously missing from the Fleshlight experience. With all three bullets working in concert I found that the vibrations were distributed along the shaft of my penis, nice but not the most intense I’ve felt. What did work is that with my cock thrust deep inside the Fleshlight into its tightest recesses the vibrations rattled my entire groin. That was very nice and totally unexpected.

A few minutes of pumping and I was rewarded with a deeply satisfying orgasm.

The Fleshlight Vibro is the most feature packed Fleshlight yet and is my favourite out of all the Fleshlights I’ve used. This has as much to do with the new style insert as the vibrating function. You aren’t just buying a vibrating version of the Fleshlight here but a whole new stimulating experience.