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Liberator Axis Hitachi
Liberator Axis Hitachi

Liberator Axis Hitachi

Liberator Axis Hitachi

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Hitachi Magic Wand (+$50.00)
Get more pleasure than ever out of you massager, with help from the Axis Hitachi from Liberator. This soft slanted mount perfectly cradles a Hitachi Magic Wand (or similar massager) as the tapered and contoured wedge shape lets you and your vibe get into the most orgasmic positions and angles possible. A deliciously soft, touchable micro-fibre tiger print covers the Axis, it can be easily unzipped and removed for (fully machine washable) cleaning. Underneath is a heavy duty nylon covering, which is also removable and machine washable. To start experiencing the Axis, just take off the sexy leopard print cover, and place your massager between the foam shapes. Feed the electrical cord through a side opening, pull the cover back over the narrow end as you fit the head of your Wand through the opening in the top and zip up the cover. The curvy, flattened triangular shape makes for a perfect sexual positioning aid, even without the massager, use it to elevate the hips, or take strain off the knees and elbows. The Axis is 21 inches long, 18 inches wide at largest, and 7 inches high. Hitachi Magic Wand sold separately.
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