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X-Pole 50mm Set - Chrome
X-Pole 50mm Set - Chrome

X-Pole 50mm Set - Chrome

The latest generation Chrome X-Pole Sets, which contain all the parts needed for ceiling from 7'4" to 9 feet, includes 2 Nylon carry cases, and a tool wallet at no extra cost. One case is used for the pole tubes and the second for the base and upper support.

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X-Pole 50mm Set - Chrome

X-Pole Features & X-Pole Set Contents

  • No ceiling fixings required
  • Articulating base - easy to set up on uneven floors
  • Static or spinning - uses 6 ball bearings, two hidden screws to lock/unlock
  • Double width pole support dome - covers 2 ceiling joists
  • 50mm (1.96") Chromed Steel - as used by the professionals
  • Angular stability lock - helps stabilise your X-Pole
  • Expandable height - from 2235mm (7' 4") to 2745mm (9') straight from the box
  • DVD included - together with comprehensive pictorial assembly instructions
  • Screw together joints - for maximum strength, stability and smoothness
  • Multi functionality - with optional parts, use as a table or plasma screen mount
  • Easy to use height adjuster - complete with cover    

    Screw together high precision joints, almost seamless

    X-Pole's unique precision machined, screw together, connections (not slot together) create rock solid stability, extremely high pole strength and, more importantly for the dancer, smooth seams.

    Low Profile Articulating base for uneven floors

    X-Pole has a uniquely designed, low profile (flat, not angled, so the dancers feet will not side off), non invasive base, which compensates for uneven floors. Also unique is it's 3� angle lock which adds to X-Poles stability.

    Static or spinning, easy to convert

    X-Poles converts from static to spinning mode in 15 seconds. Simply undo or re-tighten two hidden screws. Spinning units contain a total of 6 ball bearings for maximum stability and durability.

    Extra wide support dome with easy to use height adjuster

    X-Poles extra wide 15" support dome creates a self locking moment for added stability. The upper adjuster, which is easy to tighten due to it's fine thread, has a simple slide in place cover enhancing X-Poles appearance. (Cover not shown)


    X-Pole Set Contents

    X-Pole parts
    X-Pole is supplied as a complete set including a 60 minute instructional DVD. The set contains all the parts needed to assemble a pole for heights from 2235~2745mm (88"~108").

    With constant product development X-Pole is continually being improved and the lastest Chrome X-Poles are now supplied with 2x carry cases and a tool wallet. One carry case is for the pole tubes and will carry all the extensions you will need for a single pole. The other case, the round one, is for the Upper support and base. This new concept is lighter for transporation and easier to store.

    Items required but not supplied: Tape measure, ladders and optional stud finder to locate joists.

    X-Pole Set
    1. 250mm Extension
    2. 125mm Extension
    3. Height Adjuster
    4. Adjuster Cover
    5. Main Pole A
    6. Main Pole B
    7. Pole Support Dome
    8. Articulating Base
    9. Carry Cases (x2)
    10. Wallet of X-Pole tools

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