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X-Stage Pole Podium
X-Stage Pole Podium

X-Stage Pole Podium

The X-Stage has been specifically designed for portability, security and with dancers in mind. The podium is supplied with every thing you need to perform a class or a show.

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X-Stage Pole Podium

After 2 years of extensive research and development, X-Pole has produced a free standing stage that meets the universal demands of dancers, gyms and clubs. X-Stage includes stage and multi-piece 50mm Chrome pole that is both stationary and spinning.

Requirements such as – portability, ease of transportation, easy to set up, large circular dance area with no corners or sharp edges, static and spinning functions, multi piece pole tube, hi-stability for use without weight for anything but extreme moves and the most important of all, value for money – have all been met with X-Stage.  

Supplied with everything needed X-Stage assembly takes only a few minutes and is simplicity itself...... 

......Remove from the carry cases, expand the main frame, lock the stage floor sections in place, insert the main pole, tighten retaining screw, add the extension pole, tighten the screw and your ready to dance – it really is that quick and simple...... 

So, less than 5 minutes from arrival to dancing and even better, the only tool you need is a hex key and that’s supplied! 

X-STAGE Key Features 
  • Pole Diameter: 50mm (2”)
  • Stage Diameter: 1600mm (5’3”)
  • Overall Height: 3m (10’)
  • Stage Height: 320mm (12.5”)
  • Useable Pole: 2.65m (8’10”)
  • Weight (approx): X-Stage Complete 200Lbs
  • (in carry cases)
  • Main Frame 88Lbs
  • Stage Panels 96Lbs (2 Sets @ 48Lbs each)
  • Pole Tubes 22Lbs 

    X-Stage is the most highly specified podium stage ever produced. No other stage has the functionality, portability or stability of X-Stage.

    Not only that, all the key features are included standard so there are no extras to purchase. Once again there is only one choice of product for serious dancers. The X-Stage!

  • X-Pole 1600mm (5’3”) Circular Stage Floor – not square with sharp corners and flat sides, reducing the overall dance area. 

    X-Pole Rounded Stage Edges – so nothing sharp to hurt the dancer during moves or floor work. 

    X-Pole Fully Foldable – main frame folds into a 36”x14”x8” bag with wheels. 2 complete X-Stage’s, will fit in a standard car. 

    X-Pole Stage Floor – 6 easy to fit floor panels just lock into place (no tools needed). 

    X-Pole Pole Tube – 2 piece, screw together pole tube for easy transportation. 

    X-Pole Spinning – included as standard at no extra cost. 

    X-Pole Stability – extremely stable, most moves can be done without extra weight. 

    X-Pole Extension Stabilizers – increase stability without the need for additional weight (Included). 

    X-Pole Weight Posts – allow for the addition of ‘optional’ bar bell weights. 

    X-Pole Adjustable Feet – to reduce movement on uneven floors. 

    X-Pole Silicone Base Pads – stop the stage sliding and protect the floor from damage. 

    X-Pole Side Skirts – comes with wrap round magnetic side covers. 

    X-Pole Wheeled Carry Case – no need to carry the main frame, just wheel it where you want to go! (Included). 

    X-Pole Carry Cases – for Stage Frame, FloorPanels and Pole (included) 

    X-Stage Setup
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