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China Brush - Kwang Tze Solution Canada
China Brush: Kwang-Tse Solution Canada - male desensitizer

China Brush - Kwang Tze Solution Canada

Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution has been around about 60 years…because it works!

China Brush - Kwang-Tse Solution Canada

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Just a little dab of China Brush and within two hours you'll be ready to rock! Millions of this tiny amazing formula have been sold world wide! Get this ancient secret of the Orient to prolong your love! The China Brush formula is all natural, with cloves as it's numbing agent, it works in 45 minutes, giving lots of time for epic foreplay, followed by 2 hours of desensitization. Chinese Brush Classic is a liquid made of natural plants to really delay ejaculation and maintain erection. It positively affects the sensitivity of men genitals parts, to allow a prolonged and thus fully satisfy any partner. Just a light application under and around the penis and you become another man and a better one. Made in China, according to a 35 years old traditional recipe, Chinese Brush Classic offers the best results in controlling and maintaining the erection, hundreds of thousands have been sold worldwide. Most recently the formula has been improved, it’s more comfortable, you last longer, the container is good for thirty times and for those who know the product, note that we no longer can spill over the bottle. Moreover Chinese Brush Classic contains 50% more compare to the old formula. Clear and simple instructions in French and English will ensure maximum results. Chinese Brush Classic has been imitated many times, but never equaled. Beware of imitations and ask the little red Chinese Brush Classic. Delay stuff / Liquid / Original oriental formula / Applicator / 6ml (0.2 us fl oz) /
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