Hitachi Magic Wand PLUS (NEW)
Hitachi Magic Wand Canada

Hitachi Magic Wand PLUS (NEW)

The Hitachi Magic Wand plug-in Vibrator is the most powerful wand vibrator on the market & we have all the best attachments for it. "My Buddy" pillows & speed controller sold seperately.

Add accessories NOW and save!
Magic Wand Vinyl Curved Attachment (+$12.88)
Magic Wand Straight Vinyl Attachment (+$12.88)
Gee Whizzard Attachment (+$61.88)
Off With Yer Head! Attachment (+$31.87)
G-Wand Silicone Attachment (+$27.87)
Tri-Wand Silicone Attachment (+$31.87)
Multi-Function Wand Controller (+$44.88)
My Buddy Loveseat (+$89.87)
Liberator Axis Hitachi Wand Pillow (+$144.87)
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