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Tenga Flip Hole - Silver - NEW!
Tenga Flip Hole Silver Canada

Tenga Flip Hole - Silver - NEW!

Tenga Flip Hole Silver Canada

Tenga Flip Hole Silver Canada

There are always two sides to every story. We loved Tenga's Flip Hole Black/White. Now comes the Flip Hole Silver, another great sleek and stylish-looking Tenga onahole. It looks so chic you would never think it was the most sophisticated sex toy on the market. Those lucky guys who have tried it know the truth, however

- Densely packed protrusions brush along as they entangle you

- A stream of smoothly formed ribs gently tickle your glans.

- Ribs aligned in a fan-shape sector amplifythe stimulation Inside the Flip Hole Red you will find a molding designed for pure solo sensation. The outside buttons are easy to use - control the tightness on your member as in advance or as you go. What's more, there are THREE lotions included with this Flip Hole, meaning you will be flying at speeds you never knew before.

 The Tenga Flip Hole Silver features:

  • Silver exterior
  • Original and unique silicone interior molding
  • Classic "Flip" design for easy cleaning
  • Free Sample lotion: now in pillow pack
  • Adjustable grip construction
  • External buttons to control the tightness
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