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Wartenberg Wheel - Pinwheel
Wartenberg Wheel

Wartenberg Wheel - Pinwheel

This medical tool adds just a pinch of pain to the scene without going overboard. It also looks great with a nurse's costume.

Wartenberg Wheel - Wartenburg Pinwheel Canada
Kink Industries

Wartenberg Wheel / Pinwheel Canada

The classic nerve stimulator is a rolling pinwheel of sharp little points. The points are not sharp enough to puncture the skin unless excessive pressure is applied. 

This is a staple of the industry and a must have of any aspiring bdsm/bondage player.

This item is the perfect accessory for handcuffs and of course blindfolds for creating surprising stimulation.

This item is ALSO wonderful addition to a violet wand it can create a very intense stimulus when used with the wand.

We have gotten lots of requests for this item with many variants on the name....

So keep in mind this item has many aliases!

Wartenberg Wheel
Wartenberg Pinwheel
Wartenburg Wheel
Wartenburg Pinwheel
Whartenberg Wheel
Whartenberg Pinwheel
Whartenberg Wheel
Whartenburg Pinwheel

Rest assured they are all referring to the same item.
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